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Post  Clypsis on Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:13 pm

I'm Daentre the Leader of the Cubs.. I have one alt currently in the cubs MissBunny and tend to flip back and forth between them when I'm on.. these are all Alts to Clypsis My main in the Wolfpack.

Don't be shy if you see me on and need a heal just let me know and I'll get Clypsis to come along and do her thing.. and No I don't mind helping anyone out. In my opinion we are all one family.. Pack and Cub alike.. and working together we can prove that a Faction working together like a family can and will make it to the top.

All alts for Pack members welcome.. and special thanks to lostsoul, kitty, and sabrina for their support in this endevour. You three are the bomb and a set of the best leaders I've met. I hope that as Leader of the Cubs I can come close to Matching your dedication and tenacity and do right by those members of both factions.. May the powers that be bless us all and keep us safe in the family.

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