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Post  Lostsoul on Thu Aug 27, 2009 9:00 am

I really do not wish to do this, but we have no choice. We are showing most people not logging in on faction. This needs to change. We must show a active player base if we are ever going to compete. We must show an active playerbase if we are going to get stronger.

For this reason, Starting officers down, if I do not hear from ones in a week ingame, I will move to commissioner. At the same time, we have GOT to keep recruitment strong. We have got to keep advertising and looking for new members. We need ones who will advertise and promote the faction. We also need leadership who will pass their knowledge to those who are experiencing things for the first time. Bosses mobs, quests all of it.

I know many are back in school, and I know some are off on vacation. Wolfpack is family, and we are a team. But we canot be a team and strong if only 4 people log in, or people log in forums but not in game.

I realize my absense on being sick is no excuse... People look for a leader and if they do not see them they get bored.. Well ladies and gentlemen, as I have said all along Wolfpack is led by three people. Two of them are on all waking hours. The cubs are co led. The leadership is there we just need ones to realize that.

We are strong enought ot ake on most opponents. We have got to get people on if we are ever going to do things like territory wars.

A major purge will be coming soon. I ask everyone who knows friends who play this in faction to at least send me a message ingame. This will list your characters, and at least show me you are out there still. If i do not get a reply back in 2 weeks, I will assume they have quit playing and will remove from the list.

For the ones in forum showing up, please log in and let me know ingame youa re there. I do not want to kick anyone who is active in forum and not ingame.

Where is WOLFPACK?? Come back home!!


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