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Post  Lostsoul on Sun Sep 27, 2009 9:57 pm

Word has come on a couple of conflicts on scammers. Given this is our second report, we feel it is time to add some rules.

If there is a true conflict, and leaders are called in to moderate and decide things:

1. please provide the user name
2. please supply the person's faction if not between our members
3. Please provide screenshots of the incident.

A good rule on transactions with other players. Take a screen shot showing the sale in progress, the amounts, the items always.

Before accepting any trades, make sure 100 % that the items are what yhou have requested, and the amount in coin. If they are not right, then do not accept the trade

Trading through mail should never be done. THis leads to scamming more often than not.. ALways trade through actual face-face meeting or via catshops. This reduces greatly the risks.

On the items:

In squad with faction members, please always set the distribution to random. It is very unfair if someone is getting everything while others get nothing. This goes for bounty hunter quests as well. ON molds, whoever the mold goes to on random distribution gets it.

FB runs

WHoever has the tablet to begin it gets the items, no questions asked. If a mold drops it is theirs to keep. If the person chooses to give you an item or two they cannot use, then it is their decision.

If there is a dispute in faction, please screenshot it. If things are said inappropriate that lead to fights we need to know.

Absolutely nothing sexual on private messages. Please also be respectful with other factions. If one is not respecting you, please screenshot everything and send it to gm's

On disputes requiring screenshots, these can be either posted in forums, or sent to my email. My email address is deltafire1972@hotmail.com.

We do hope this helps. if there are questions please feel free to ask.


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