Welcome Wolfcub Powwaw! xD

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Welcome Wolfcub Powwaw! xD Empty Welcome Wolfcub Powwaw! xD

Post  Powwaw on Wed Sep 02, 2009 5:56 pm

Hey everyone! Very Happy

I was told that I should post on here so here I am! xD I am Powwaw though can answer to Pow. My irl name is James Myers. Wolf cubs...is that what I am? Hmmm, seems appropriate for a rank so far I think. Then again, what age of a cub would I be? That'd be important to know if it was a role play thing as according to my research, cubs follow a typical growth and development. 10-13 days: eyes open. 3 weeks: ability to hear. milk teeth appear. start exploring the den. 4 weeks: leave the den. begin to eat meat. start to howl. 5 weeks: start to travel up to a mile from the den. 5-8 weeks: weaning and moved to the "rendezvous site." 12 weeks: start to follow along on hunts. 4-7 months: loose milk teeth. 7-8 months: start to hunt. Umm, sorry, rambling. xD I am a self-proclaimed canis lupus expert. Razz More about myself! I love wolves. I play a canine barbarian on PWI. I love programming computers and websites. I know 11 programming languages and learning two more this year. I am a 19 year old college student. My Facebook is located here. I like to write poetry and adventures. I actually have a few poems published. I am also an artist. I draw mainly canines though I can draw just about anything. I prefer a realistic style when I draw. I am a computer science major and am dual majoring in chemical engineering. I took four years of Army JROTC and graduated high school with honors as a Sergeant Major in the position of S4NCO. Hmm, can't think of anything else atm. Feel free to chat or leave a message or w/e! Very Happy



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